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Hamilton won easily at Catalunya

Lewis Hamilton outstripped his rival Max Verstappen and teammate Mercedes Valtteri Bottas for the fourth consecutive time in the Spanish Grand Prix.
Verstappen’s hope of recurring the outstanding performance a week ago has soon gone, simply because the W11 was too powerful and didn’t occur the same tire problems like two races at Silverstone. The distance between Hamilton and the following group was continuously widened during the match, then the British driver finished before Verstappen to 24,177 seconds. Except for Red Bull’s racer and Bottas teammate, the rest of the race was surpassed by Hamilton.
At first place at the Spanish Grand Prix on August 16, Hamilton got the 88th victory and was only behind the legendary Michael Schumacher with the distance of exactly three victories. This is also the 156th time British riders have finished in the top 3, just enough to surpass Schumacher’s own record.
As the previous expectation, the air temperature in Catalunya is up to 30 degrees Celsius, causing the surface temperature of the track to be pushed up to 48 degrees Celsius. The race is, therefore, truly physical torture to all the racers. But there was no sign of such an objective condition that would make it difficult for Hamilton. Mercedes President Toto Wolff commented before the race that Verstappen was the most prospective candidate for the first-place position thanks to its impressive speed at long distances. However, the reality is not happening as predicted above.
Starting from the beginning and successfully holding the position, Hamilton always held the leading position for the rest of the race, although in the second half of the race there was constant information about the possible thunderstorms on Catalunya.