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Wolff ended speculation about Mercedes leaving Bottas13 months XNUMX

Toto Wolff suddenly stopped speculating Valtteri Bottas might be ousted from Mercedes.Since then Lewis Hamilton Sakhir GP replacement George Russell beat Bottas in Bahrain, rumors that Finn are going to be replaced in 2021 are circulating.But although his earlier comments prompted speculation, team boss Wolff is currently sorting – Bottas is certainto remain.

“Valtteri are going to be in our car. i’m here to verify,” the Austrian said on Saturday, after Bottas returned to qualifying for Hamilton.”We have a contract with Valtteri and he are going to beduring a race next year. you would like to kick me pretty hard in sensitive areas in order that I never lose my loyalty.”At an equivalent time, Wolff insists he’s also loyal to Russell, who admits to having been disappointed by Williams’ much slower return this weekend.”George did a unprecedented job last weekend and he deserves to be during a great car someday,” Wolff said.”He had a contract with Williams for an additional year and that they were very flexible and preparedto require George to Mercedes for an additional weekend.”Everything goes to be the way it’s, but calm and structured,” he stressed.Wolff says he understands how Bottas must have felt within the context of everything happeninground the splash of the Russell Mercedes launch.”Last weekend everyone was talking about George, who had nothing to lose. Valtteri had nothing to realize. Then we had a fun and intelligent conversation,” Wolff said.”Obviously not now we’ve suddenly started talking, but I can determine his situation and that we have decided to debate further within the future.”Indeed, Wolff abruptly and erratically teleported Bottas in qualifying to inform Finn to “give everything you have”.Bottas explained it had been “personal” – and Wolff confirmed that the 31-year-old had asked for a few more openly encouragement.”It’s hard, because I usually don’t needto try to to it,” Wolff said. “But things is different for him. Valtteri told me he needed more feedback from me.”Next »