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F1 racing, Sakhir GP: Disappointed young driver, “veteran” overturned the coronation

The mistake of the Mercedes racing team caused George Russell to lose his chance to win. Owning the first 2/3 of the race but George Russell ended in tears. By contrast, another driver was caught in the first round collision, but made a spectacular return from there to his first win in F1 career.

Starting in the first row in an F1 race, in a “strange” car that he still can not get to know completely after only 2 days, George Russell continues to surprise everyone when there is a depart statue. The young British driver overcame teammate Valtteri Bottas at pole position to lead the race in crab 1.
Bottas continued to struggle and slightly lost control of the car in turn 2, giving Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez behind a chance to attack on the straight to turn 4. All 3 rushed to the tight bend to facilitate Charles Leclerc can improve position if run intelligently.
However, it was the “greed” of the position with a bit of subjectivity when turning Perez that caused two cars to collide, and indirectly caused Verstappen to rush out of the track and crash into the barrier in an attempt to avoid the accident. . As a result, Verstappen and Leclerc had to give up early and Perez fell to the end of the race.
Russell was completely in control in the next stage, up to the point that after making his pit stop, he still had a safe distance from his teammate. But things started to turn badly for Mercedes when rookie Jack Aitken’s Williams lost control in the last corner and hit the retaining wall. The car’s windshield is thrown back onto the road on the racing line, making the car virtual safe and then the safety vehicle appear.

F1 racing

F1 racing, Portugal GP: New race, new surprise?

Covid translation is still spreading globally and shows no signs of ending. Sport is affected and Mode 1 is no exception. On the positive side, thanks to that, the new races are continuously used for the 2020 season. Like the next destination in Portugal, the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve has a F1 race for the first time.

The Portuguese GP appeared in 1951 on the Boavista racetrack located on the streets of Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, but it was not until 1958 that this tournament became part of the modern F1 era.
From 1954, Boavista and the Monsanto race in Lisbon held the rotation until 1960 (except for 1956). Monsanto Park was abandoned after the 1959 race, as well as the tournament after the 1960 race.
Returning to the F1 schedule at the end of the 1984 season, the Portuguese GP reappeared with a new location, the Circuito do Estoril race track in the suburbs of Lisbon, a memorable moment when Alain Prost won the race but never again. could not win the championship by losing half a point to teammate Niki Lauda.
In 1985, the race took place in April under the rain, when Ayrton Senna got her first victory in her F1 career. Since 1986, the Portuguese GP has returned to the “traditional” time frame, in late September, and takes place annually until 1996.
Estoril was set as the final destination of the 1997 season, but for financial reasons, the last leg was replaced by the European GP held in Spain. The Portuguese GP was added to the 1998 F1 calendar but was canceled due to the fact that track improvements could not be completed in time.

F1 racing

F1 racing, Eifel GP (Germany): Lewis Hamilton to make new record

Although only starting on the 2nd position, Lewis Hamilton’s desire to win was specialized by the 91st victory in his career at the German GP 2020. Max Verstappen finished on the second position, with Daniel Ricciardo’s podium, after the incident. pole-winning racer Valtteri Bottas give up.
Sunday afternoon at Nurbrgring started with cold weather, the track area temperature was only about 12ºC, the road surface temperature was about 18ºC. With weather like this, the tire strategy will play a very important role in being able to win.

With top riders starting with soft tires, the strategy predicted by Pirelli is about 25 laps, then shifting to medium tires. If the strategy is 2pits, it will be 19 rounds of Soft, 22 rounds of Medium and the last 19 rounds of Soft, or about 18 Soft, then 2 turns – 21 rounds with Medium.

There are no penalties at the starting line, meaning that Saturday’s ranking result is the position of the drivers at the start of the race. Nico Hulkenberg had their third race this season for Racing Point, after replacing Lance Stroll, the racer was not fit enough to attend.
After the warm-up lap, the riders returned to their starting position. When the signal light went off, the crew accelerated toward 1st turn, Bottas let Hamilton attack in the first corner, but the racer reclaimed his spot in the next corner.
During the first rounds, the top ranks gradually create a distance from each other over 1 second. Only the competition for the fourth place of Leclerc and Ricciardo is remarkable. But Ferrari riders still keep their rankings.

F1 racing

F1 racing, Toscana GP: New race launched for F1

Goodbye Monza, the next destination this September is Mugello Circuit (Italy), which first appeared in F1 calendar. This will also be Ferrari’s 1000th race.

Due to the complicated situation of the global COVID-19 pandemic, some races have been canceled this year. Instead, the FIA ​​has been trying to fill the racing schedule with dual races in Austria, England, Italy and Bahrain, or as well as add more new tracks like the Mugello, where riders will compete this weekend.

Mugello is a race track in Scarperia e San Piero, in the beautiful Tuscany region, northwest of Italy, only 35 km from the historic capital of Florence. At this track, there are usually a number of international racing events over the years, most notably the MotoGP tournament in the 2-wheel format.
Street racing around Mugello has appeared in races since the 20s of last century. Until 1970, racer Spartaco Dini caused an accident, crashing into a group of Firenzuola villagers, killing a 7-month-old child and injuring four others during a private trial.
The track on this street is usually only stopped during a race or rating. That incident seriously damaged the reputation of the race, so it was the last time the race was held on public streets.
After that, the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello was built in 1973 and opened its doors in 1974. In 1988, Ferrari acquired a new track, 120 km from their headquarters in Maranello, for the purpose of a test track.

F1 racing

F1 RACE: Styrian GP race: Hamilton made his return impressively

Not only successfully proving his extraordinary ability during the very first beginning rounds, but Lewis Hamilton has also successfully finished the race first when entering the main race. He became the winner of the Styrian GP 2020 championship, which marked an impressive return of the present champion after the unsatisfying beginning race. Valtteri Bottas closed the race with a final 1-2 victory for Mercedes.

On the recent Sunday afternoon, the second race within the Red Bull racetrack took place under a flavorable weather condition which was much better than the previouse Saturday afternoon when the qualifying round took place. The racing field temperature at the time when the race took place was 19ºC while the pavement temperature was 39ºC.

The three-step back penalty on the Leclerc/Ferrari starting line only changed their positions to be outside of the top 10, and the Monaco driver started the 14th. Roman Grosjean had to start his race from the pit-lane after the team had to intervene into this driver’s vehicle after the qualifying round takes place.

Strategically, if choosing to start with a set of soft tires (Soft), the drivers will have some options: about 30 laps then switch to hard tires – or run the first 2stint with Soft in about 50 laps then switch to Medium tire (Medium). If racers choose to use Medium tire when starting,they will experience about 32 turns to Soft tires, or 27 turns to Hard tires.
At the starting line, most racers opt for new Soft tires to start the race. As soon as the race started, Hamilton remained his position at the top, Verstappen found the race quite difficult, however, fortunately maintained the rank 2.


The most attractive speed sports in the world (Part 2)

Every time a race ends, 10 F1 teams will leave for the next race venue. This migration takes place continuously across 4 continents (except Africa), from March every year and only takes a break when October ends. This is the time to prepare for a new racing season.

4. GP motorcycle racing

Born from the 40s of the twentieth century, GP Motorcycles are known as one of the great motorcycle racing competitions because of their fierce competition and the thrill and attraction through each race.

To increase the attractiveness of this dramatic speed sport, the World Federation of Motorcycles (FIM) has introduced a new law to increase the engine cylinder capacity of vehicles participating in GP motorcycles from 800 to 1,000 cubic centimeters. The minimum weight of the car has also been increased from 150 kg to 153 kg and FIM also does not limit the rpm.

Just like F1 racing, GP motorcycle racing is the place to show off the peak technology platform of the motorcycle industry, 14 participating teams are outstanding riders full of passion, quickness and courage.

5. Dog racing

Dog racing was first organized in 1876 in the United Kingdom, then the United States (1920) and spread to other continents. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the only place where dog racing is organized. The greyhound breed is called the Gray hound.

People love Greyhound because they run very fast. So they are used to hunt gazelles and hares. In ancient Egypt, the Greyhound was used to escort Pharaohs and families as a manifestation of power.

Still a representative of speed, bravery and agility, but Greyhound dogs are not aggressive but on the contrary they are gentle, friendly and lovely. After 1 week of training and training by the trainers, the dogs were brought out to compete. On average, in his lifetime, each dog plays about 100 times.