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F1 racing, Sakhir GP: Disappointed young driver, “veteran” overturned the coronation

The mistake of the Mercedes racing team caused George Russell to lose his chance to win. Owning the first 2/3 of the race but George Russell ended in tears. By contrast, another driver was caught in the first round collision, but made a spectacular return from there to his first win in F1 career.

Starting in the first row in an F1 race, in a “strange” car that he still can not get to know completely after only 2 days, George Russell continues to surprise everyone when there is a depart statue. The young British driver overcame teammate Valtteri Bottas at pole position to lead the race in crab 1.
Bottas continued to struggle and slightly lost control of the car in turn 2, giving Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez behind a chance to attack on the straight to turn 4. All 3 rushed to the tight bend to facilitate Charles Leclerc can improve position if run intelligently.
However, it was the “greed” of the position with a bit of subjectivity when turning Perez that caused two cars to collide, and indirectly caused Verstappen to rush out of the track and crash into the barrier in an attempt to avoid the accident. . As a result, Verstappen and Leclerc had to give up early and Perez fell to the end of the race.
Russell was completely in control in the next stage, up to the point that after making his pit stop, he still had a safe distance from his teammate. But things started to turn badly for Mercedes when rookie Jack Aitken’s Williams lost control in the last corner and hit the retaining wall. The car’s windshield is thrown back onto the road on the racing line, making the car virtual safe and then the safety vehicle appear.