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F1 limited the power of Mercedes

F1 teams will not have the right to utilize a separate engine mode for qualifying rounds since the Belgian race on August 30.
According to Motorsport, General Secretary of the World Motorsport Federation (FIA) – Mr. Peter Bayer – sent letters to inform 10 teams about the new change. The letter states that these teams can only use one internal combustion engine (ICE) mode for both qualifying and main lap. This letter did not comply with any regulations, but the FIA ​​will soon finalize the document and will apply new rules from the Belgian Grand Prix.
According to Article 27.1 of the 2020 season specification, riders must ‘drive alone and without assistance’. Changing the internal combustion engine mode means that the rider may violate the rules above.
Teams are still not sure about how the new rules will affect their practice. If riders are allowed to use only one engine mode in the qualifying and main lap, they will have limited processing power during the race.
Motorsport said the FIA ​​had wanted to limit the power of teams using Mercedes engines, including Mercedes, Racing Point and Williams. The engine mode of these three teams in the qualifying round produces a significantly higher performance in the main lap. Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton usually won the pole with a difference of about a second greater than the racer behind. But in the main race, the average speed of the two Mercedes drivers is not too superior to the competitors. If you can limit the speed of Mercedes in the classification round, the FIA ​​will help the F1 to become more attractive.