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F1 Racing: Hungarian GP Hamilton made impressive performance, firstly on the top of the rankings in 2020

There have been not too many challenges for driver Lewis Hamilton – to become the champion of Hungarian GP 2020.. However Mercedes could not have won 1-2 victory because of Valtteri Bottas’ unsuccessful department, which only helped this driver to reach the 3rd place, behind the Max Verstappen of Red Bull.

On Sunday afternoon in Hungaroring, at the time before the race, the weather was not favorable which was rainny. This condition affected the strategy the racing team had planned previously.
If the road were dry, the optimal strategy would be 35-40 rounds of medium tire (Medium), then switch to soft tires (Soft). Another alternative plan was to use Soft tire 2 times in about 45-50 rounds, then use Medium tire to finish the race. But the wet road turned things into different situation, therefore strategy needs being adjusted as quickly as possible.
Alpha Tauri decided to replace all of the Power Units of Piere Gasly, but this driver did not encounter into any punishment because his PU was still within the allowed limit.
The temperature at Hungaroring before the start of the race was 26.5ºC, and the pavement temperature was 20.4ºC.
It’s raining, some strategic problem solving
The riders left the pit lane to get to the starting line with the intermediate (Intermediate) tires running on wet roads. Unfortunately for the Red Bull driver – Max Verstappen, he crashed into a railing after losing control at the 12th corner, resulting in a completely damaged front wing.
It still remained as a puzzle whether the car’s front suspension was a problem or not.

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F1 racing, Styrian GP: Challenge repeated after the opening race

On Friday 10/7/2020, the second race of the 2020 season officially takes place at the Red Bull Ring racecourse in Spielberg Austria. This is also the venue where the opening race took place in last weekend with the first victory being offered for the driver Bottas of Mercedes.

Bottas was the first one to gain the first victory after numerous races being held within the Formula 1 race since it was kicked off after months of cancellation due to the global Covid-19 epidemic.
In this second race, the teams will still compete on the Red Bull Ring race like on the first one. This partly allows them to have better set-ups on their own racing cars after a lot of experience in the opening race.

The team that wins most races will need to keep up their good work while the losing one will need to consider a lot of factors to upgrade the car to the maximum racing state.
In fact, during the official race taking place last weekend, there were too many unexpected technical problems being occurred during the performances of many teams. Despite being the winner in the end, the problem of gearbox has affected significantly to both cars of Bottas and Hamilton.
Mercedes engineers warned both of their drivers during the second half of the race not to run too close to the curb in order to avoid the high-speed humps of the Red Bull Ring which could badly affected the gear of W11.

F1 racing

F1 RACE: Styrian GP race: Hamilton made his return impressively

Not only successfully proving his extraordinary ability during the very first beginning rounds, but Lewis Hamilton has also successfully finished the race first when entering the main race. He became the winner of the Styrian GP 2020 championship, which marked an impressive return of the present champion after the unsatisfying beginning race. Valtteri Bottas closed the race with a final 1-2 victory for Mercedes.

On the recent Sunday afternoon, the second race within the Red Bull racetrack took place under a flavorable weather condition which was much better than the previouse Saturday afternoon when the qualifying round took place. The racing field temperature at the time when the race took place was 19ºC while the pavement temperature was 39ºC.

The three-step back penalty on the Leclerc/Ferrari starting line only changed their positions to be outside of the top 10, and the Monaco driver started the 14th. Roman Grosjean had to start his race from the pit-lane after the team had to intervene into this driver’s vehicle after the qualifying round takes place.

Strategically, if choosing to start with a set of soft tires (Soft), the drivers will have some options: about 30 laps then switch to hard tires – or run the first 2stint with Soft in about 50 laps then switch to Medium tire (Medium). If racers choose to use Medium tire when starting,they will experience about 32 turns to Soft tires, or 27 turns to Hard tires.
At the starting line, most racers opt for new Soft tires to start the race. As soon as the race started, Hamilton remained his position at the top, Verstappen found the race quite difficult, however, fortunately maintained the rank 2.

F1 racing


The racer Daniel Ricciardo encourages people to speak out loud about racism, which has become more serious recently.

“I have learned and gain a lot of interesting knowledge during recent weeks. I have read, watched, and opened my mind. It came to my mind that if you are not, and do not consider yourself as a racist, this is totally not enough. You have to speak it out loud with the viewing to educating yourself and the people around you. As I was taught that silence is also part of the problem which has been arisen recently.”, Ricciardo said to Sky Sports.

After the death of the American black man George Floyd, Ricciardo is one of F1 racers who posted most on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement. He criticizes racists and and provoke the struggle against racists of black men in American.

“I has watched several videos on Twitter or Instagram and felt that I had no clue of what have been happening, whether they were illegal or not? Not only just during a few weeks, months, but these racism issues have been taking place for years. It is better to think that these are unfolded. More and more people are giving it attention. I know that speaking it all out loud is good and you will not be judged through words of mouth.”, Ricciardo said.

Last week, the F1 champion F1 Lewis Hamilton took part in a protest within the Black Lives Matter Movement. Hamilton is the first and also the only black racer throughout F1 history. He was also the first one to speak things out loud and criticize the silence of the F1 community to the death of Floyd.

F1 racing


Some races such as Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan have been crossed out of the competing schedule of 2020, according to the latest annoucement of F1 on the 12th, June.

” Because of the huge impact of Covid-19, we and other organizors decided to cancel the Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan races. On some street races like Azerbaijan and Singapore, constructing and setting up the racecourse in the middle of the outbreak of the pandemic are impossible. While Japan is still executing the isolation policy, hence, decided not to held any races, this was written on the recent annoucement.

Therefore, 7 out of 22 races have been cancelled in this tournament. Apart from 3 above races, there have been Australia, Netherlands, Monaco and French.

6 races have been scheduled in this period from the 5th, July to the 6th, September which are Austria, Hungary, England, Spain, Belgium and Italy. Among all of them, Austria and England races will include 2 races.

Viet Nam is included in the group of other 9 left nations which are waiting for the final annoucement of F1 to release an alternative racing schedule, together with Bahrain, China, Canada, Russia, America, Mexico, Brazil and UAE. F1 will release the detailed information about these race before the tournament is kicked off on the 5th, July. The annoucement also revealed that: “We are trying to make progess in arranging the alternative plan for all of the races which are cancelled due to Covid-19. We are pleased to see all of the efforts of helding races of other organizers. The situation of the pandemic is still happening really hard-to-predict and not yet to be under control, therefore, every action needs to be done carefully. We had set up certain plans to organize these races as safe as possible.”

On the 11th of June, the manager of F1 Ross Brawn revealed that Bahrain and UAE will be the last races of this 2020 tournament.

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Mr. Mattia Binotto who is the team principal of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One  revealed the causes which led to the dramatic decrease in F1 racing cars’ speed. He said that this was due to the F1’s obligation to new worldwide regulations about aerodynamics. 

Because of this decision, which was made by F1 Organization Department, a consequence had been long foreseen. During each round of the race, cars’ speed has been 1 second slower than those of  the previous years. This was because the total weight of cars were heavier as some parts of the car operation had been forced to change.  

However, Mattia Binotto believed that this change will not make F1 races less intense and interesting, as all F1 races were perfectly designed to maximize the racing cars as fastest as possible. At the same time, F1 races are becoming more fantastic with greater equity thanks to the adjustment of cars, which made them almost have the same weights.

“We have been making a prediction that the effect on cars’ speeds will be 1,5 second each round. This data is recorded from the first time Ferrari racing cars after being under adjustment were tested on a wind tunnel.” Mattia Binotto explained. “ Because of the fact that these cars are much heavier than those last year, and the aerodynamics operation – especially the front bumpers – had been greatly simplified.

“This is also what we expected the adjusted cars to be. Therefore, the main problem now only lies on how to maintain the speed of 1,5 seconds throughout the whole race. Speed of cars after running through bends, ups or downs will only be clarified after real races taking place.

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Stirling Moss started to show off his talent throughout various champions in different levels, from national to internationally. Gradually, he upgraded his racing skills to participate in Formula 3 and other higher-level, more spectacular racing tournament. However, all of these titles are still not persuasive enough to make Jaguar offer Moss a chance to take part in their main racing formation of the challenging Dundrod Tourist Trophy 1950  taking part in Dundrod race (12 km in length).

Instead of that, Stirling Moss took part in Tommy Wisdom with the Jaguar XK120 car and succeeded in taking control over the race, defeated the racing players of Jaguar to gain the final trophy. After this victory, he became the leader of Jaguar sports racing team, which turned his career into a new leaf. 

Even Stirling Moss had never become the winner in Le Mans 24h racing tournament and had just been the first runner up 2 times, in 1953 as a Jaguar racer and in 1956 as an Aston Martin racer, he was still rated as one of the greatest racers at that time who set new standards for worldwide racing field in the 1950s.

Stirling Moss’s victories in the Mille Miglia (the race which featured the distance of almost 1600 km around Italia) in 1955 for Mercedes, Nurburgring 1000km in 1958 and in 1959 with Tourist Trophy (in the Goodwood race, England), in 1959 (both as a racer of Aston Martin). All of these races were highly ranked and important in helping Stirling Moss gain more spotlight as well as take off his professional racing career. As successful as it might sound in these tournaments, however, Moss did not have his same pot luck in the Formula One race (F1).

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On the 12th, April 2020, the racing world had to say the most heartbreaking goodbye to other legend of racing world. The English racer, Sir Stirling Moss passed away at the age of 90 in Mayfair, London after hard time of fighting against diseases. He has been considered as the greatest “king without titles” throughout the history of F1.

Being protested by dad while opting for professional racing

Stir Stirling Moss was offered a special nickname as “Mr. Motor Sports” because he owns such a high possibility of adopting himself to different races and succeeded in most types of races that he has taken part in. Born in a Jewish family of London on the 17th, September 1929, he was bullied and discriminated by school peers. However, luckily, his family has the long-lasting tradition of racing, especialy his dad, the ameteur racer Alfred Moss who used to rank 16th in the Indianapolis 500 tournament in 1924.

Stirling was presented the first racing car when he was at the age of 9 by his dad, this was an Austin 7. After being given this precious present 6 years, he gained the driving license and bought himself another car.

After the World War II, he was exempted from the compulsory 2-year military mission for male adolescents because of his personal kidney disease. Since then, he started his professional racing career. It was in 1948 when Stirling became a newbie racer, despite of his dad’s disapproval as he wanted Stirling to be a dentist

Stirling Moss tried to convince his dad and utilized the awarded sum gained from several horse races which he’d took part in, to be the first “client” of Cooper – a renowned car producing company at that time.

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Throughout the history, F1 has undergone many changes and finally become the most viral and prestigious race of the world.

F1 has the full name of The Formula One 1. However, there are just a few people who know exactly what ”formula” means and how this ”formula” has been created and changed throughout different stages.

“Formula” in the full name “Formula 1” (F1) is the terminology to indicate a group of rules being applied to races throughout the tournaments, which requires all racers to follow up. The major changes in the ”formula” through different stages have been a key factor to make F1 become more interesting and appealing to a wide range of racing lovers year after year.

Enhancing the scale of the races, upgrading the races with more race styles.

The Formula 1 actually origins from the Grand Prix motor racing tournament in Europe during these years from 1930 to 1930. However, it had to be until 1946 did the group of rules in this race was officially recognized by The International Automobile Federation (FIA). Thus, the actual official races were held first time in 1950.

Europe is where F1 originated from However, the ultimate passion that speed lovers have for races quickly spreads quickly to South America, North America and then even Asia. The significant development of F1 all around the world has turned it into the top 1 racing tournament, where every professional racer thrives for taking part in.

In Asia, specifically in some countries such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, some F1 races were firstly hold in 2008, attracted a lot of racers and spectators. The Arab Emirates preliminarily organized and hosted the Formula 1 tournament in 2009. Viet Nam is the next country that kicked off the Formula 1 races in their own nation in 2020.

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The talented Ferrari racer, Charles Leclerc became the winner of the first F1 virtual race being held on the 5th of April – the period when actually Viet Nam GP race would have been held if there were no Covid-19.

Leclerc impressively passed many other excellent outstanding players, including Alexander Albon (Red Bull), George Russell (Williams), Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) or Nicholas Latifi (Williams).

Some former F1 superstars such as Jenson Button, 

Johnny Herbert, Anthony Davidson… also took part in the race. Apart from these prestigious racers, The World Cricket Champion Been Stokes and Charles Leclerc’s younger brother – Arthur Leclerc, 19 years old, a member of the F4 racing team of Ferrari.

The virtual race lasted around 1 hour, basing on the virtual race of Albert Park (Australia). ”The race is harder than I thought,” Leclerc said. ”I was just sitting on my own chair at my home but the sweat just poured out like I was bathing. We all knew that racer who made the most flawless race would be the winner, and this one was a close race. It is obvious that all of us had to overcome the hardest time of social distancing, however, we did try our best to satisfy our fans as well as race lovers.”

Right on the first roundabout, Leclerc has passed other racers by one second. However, it has to be until the 8th roundabout did the Monaco racer who used to win 2 races of the 2019 session – become the winner of the very first F1 virtual race. Also on this race, Russel recklessly came up with a foul at the end of it and became the second runner-up. The F3 racer of Renaut, Christian Lundgaard was the first runner up of the race.