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F1 Racing: Hungarian GP Hamilton made impressive performance, firstly on the top of the rankings in 2020

There have been not too many challenges for driver Lewis Hamilton – to become the champion of Hungarian GP 2020.. However Mercedes could not have won 1-2 victory because of Valtteri Bottas’ unsuccessful department, which only helped this driver to reach the 3rd place, behind the Max Verstappen of Red Bull.

On Sunday afternoon in Hungaroring, at the time before the race, the weather was not favorable which was rainny. This condition affected the strategy the racing team had planned previously.
If the road were dry, the optimal strategy would be 35-40 rounds of medium tire (Medium), then switch to soft tires (Soft). Another alternative plan was to use Soft tire 2 times in about 45-50 rounds, then use Medium tire to finish the race. But the wet road turned things into different situation, therefore strategy needs being adjusted as quickly as possible.
Alpha Tauri decided to replace all of the Power Units of Piere Gasly, but this driver did not encounter into any punishment because his PU was still within the allowed limit.
The temperature at Hungaroring before the start of the race was 26.5ºC, and the pavement temperature was 20.4ºC.
It’s raining, some strategic problem solving
The riders left the pit lane to get to the starting line with the intermediate (Intermediate) tires running on wet roads. Unfortunately for the Red Bull driver – Max Verstappen, he crashed into a railing after losing control at the 12th corner, resulting in a completely damaged front wing.
It still remained as a puzzle whether the car’s front suspension was a problem or not.