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F1 racing, Styrian GP: Challenge repeated after the opening race

On Friday 10/7/2020, the second race of the 2020 season officially takes place at the Red Bull Ring racecourse in Spielberg Austria. This is also the venue where the opening race took place in last weekend with the first victory being offered for the driver Bottas of Mercedes.

Bottas was the first one to gain the first victory after numerous races being held within the Formula 1 race since it was kicked off after months of cancellation due to the global Covid-19 epidemic.
In this second race, the teams will still compete on the Red Bull Ring race like on the first one. This partly allows them to have better set-ups on their own racing cars after a lot of experience in the opening race.

The team that wins most races will need to keep up their good work while the losing one will need to consider a lot of factors to upgrade the car to the maximum racing state.
In fact, during the official race taking place last weekend, there were too many unexpected technical problems being occurred during the performances of many teams. Despite being the winner in the end, the problem of gearbox has affected significantly to both cars of Bottas and Hamilton.
Mercedes engineers warned both of their drivers during the second half of the race not to run too close to the curb in order to avoid the high-speed humps of the Red Bull Ring which could badly affected the gear of W11.