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Perez won the race without Hamilton

Racing Point Mexican racer Sergio Perez finished first at Grand Prix Sakhir on the evening of December 6.

Completing 87 laps with a time of 1 hour 31 minutes 15,114 seconds, Perez won the first F1 leg, this was also the first time that Racing Point team was named at number one. This result is a worthy reward for Racing Point’s outstanding progress and Perez’s incredible stability recently.
However, this victory also came from the absence of Lewis Hamilton, while Mercedes made a mistake in the tire replacement process.
“I hope I’m not dreaming because I’ve been striving for so many years to have this moment,” said Perez after finishing. “After 10 years of waiting, I didn’t know what to say. It was unbelievable, after starting, I thought the race was over again, but then I didn’t give up and slowly got back. We won the race deservedly. Mercedes had some problems but we had to use speed to keep Russell. “
Hamilton had Covid-19, so he was absent from the Grand Prix Sakhir, giving the race to George Russell – a young country talent from the Williams backyard team. It didn’t take long to adapt, Russell soon proved his prowess along with the powerful Mercedes. The British racer scored the best in two consecutive test runs on Friday, before taking second and only 0.026 seconds behind teammate Vallteri Bottas.
In the evening of December 6, Russell continued to show his ability when he immediately surpassed Bottas in the corner after starting. In the rear, a fierce chase between Perez and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) caused a continuous collision on the track. Leclerc and Verstappen rushed to the sidelines, had to give up in the first round, safe cars soon appeared. Leclerc was fined three places to start on the next leg for reckless.

F1 racing

Hamilton is about to be knighted

Driver Lewis Hamilton is set to be honored with the title of honor for his contributions to British sports.
Last week, the Daily Mail said that Hamilton was one of those considered by the Royal Royal Family to consider filling out the list of knighthood at the 2021 New Year’s Eve celebration. tell Hamilton to be honored.
Before Hamilton, athlete Mo Farah, tennis player Andy Murray and cricketer Alastair Cook were knighted for their contributions to England in sports.

Hamilton is considered worthy of the title of Knight, thanks to the glory he won in F1. Victory at the Turkish Grand Prix on November 15 helped the 35-year-old racer level the record of winning seven F1 championships by legendary Michael Schumacher.
He also holds the record for winning the most legs (94) and winning many times in the first division stage (97). Hamilton’s dominance at F1 over the past decade has been tied to the pinnacle of the Mercedes racing team.
However, Hamilton’s contribution to England was controversial, mainly in terms of tax payments. This racer has an estimated net worth of over $ 334 million, but lives in Monaco. In 2013, Hamilton bought a private jet and registered it for use on the Isle of Man. This saved him $ 4.4 million in taxes, but was criticized by the British. In 2019, Hamilton sold this jet.
How great was Lewis Hamilton in F1
Victory at Istanbul Park on November 15 helped Lewis Hamilton reach the final grand record of Michael Schumacher.

F1 racing

F1 racing, Turkish GP: Hamilton hits the 7th “glory peak”

The track at Istanbul Park saw another stellar performance from champion Lewis Hamilton, thereby earning him his 7th personal title in his career and many other achievements established on Sunday, Japan.

Ranking run: The first pole in 11 years for “pink panther”
Lance Stroll (Racing Point) shocked with the first pole record in his F1 career in Turkey. He was the first Canadian driver to win a pole since the European GP leg in 1997 when Jacques Villeneuve put the Williams in first place. Stroll became the fifth youngest driver in F1 history – 22 years and 17 days – to have this feat.
Lewis Hamilton ranked 6th, having his worst ranking since the German leg of 2018 when he was 14th … but still crowned in the tumultuous race that Sunday afternoon. Previously, he won the race in his home country British GP 2014 from 6th place.
Racing Point, formerly Force India, had the first pole position (in team history through the times / renaming) at the 2009 Belgian GP with the unexpected achievement of Giancarlo Fisichella (Italy). And this is their 2nd pole. Mercedes’ 100% first place start in 2020 has been halted, but they maintain that record as an engine supplier, thanks to the “pink quote”.
Lewis Hamilton ranked 6th, having his worst ranking since the German leg of 2018 when he was 14th … but still crowned in the tumultuous race that Sunday afternoon. Previously, he won the race in his home country British GP 2014 from 6th place.

F1 racing

Hamilton surpassed Schumacher’s record

At the Portuguese Grand Prix on October 25, Lewis Hamilton finished at the first position for the 92nd time, thereby becoming the most winning racer in F1 history.
Completing 66 laps in Portimao, Algarve with a time of 1 hour 29 minutes 56.828 seconds, Hamilton was far behind his teammate Bottas by nearly 26 seconds. This victory helped the British driver to become the racer with the most victories in F1 history, surpassing the old record – 91 victories – of legendary Michael Schumacher.

“Before, I just dreamed of this record,” Hamilton said after the leg. “I am truly indebted and feel thankful to the entire team for the work ethic, constantly innovating and pushing the limits higher every year. It is a privilege to work with Mercedes. The results are completely unbelievable.”
The race at Portimao is expected to be another challenge for Hamilton, after he struggled to finish first at the Eifel Grand Prix ,. And the fact that the British driver has encountered many difficulties, from the test races to the official race on October 25. But again with the will, bravery and excellent performance, the number one driver of Mercedes team still arrogantly finished first.
The Portuguese Grand Prix opened with three test races in which Valtteri Bottas both outperformed Hamilton. This outcome was repeated in the first two qualifying rounds (Q1 and Q2). But in Q3, the British driver suddenly won the pole, thereby taking the starting position.

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F1 RACE: Styrian GP race: Hamilton made his return impressively

Not only successfully proving his extraordinary ability during the very first beginning rounds, but Lewis Hamilton has also successfully finished the race first when entering the main race. He became the winner of the Styrian GP 2020 championship, which marked an impressive return of the present champion after the unsatisfying beginning race. Valtteri Bottas closed the race with a final 1-2 victory for Mercedes.

On the recent Sunday afternoon, the second race within the Red Bull racetrack took place under a flavorable weather condition which was much better than the previouse Saturday afternoon when the qualifying round took place. The racing field temperature at the time when the race took place was 19ºC while the pavement temperature was 39ºC.

The three-step back penalty on the Leclerc/Ferrari starting line only changed their positions to be outside of the top 10, and the Monaco driver started the 14th. Roman Grosjean had to start his race from the pit-lane after the team had to intervene into this driver’s vehicle after the qualifying round takes place.

Strategically, if choosing to start with a set of soft tires (Soft), the drivers will have some options: about 30 laps then switch to hard tires – or run the first 2stint with Soft in about 50 laps then switch to Medium tire (Medium). If racers choose to use Medium tire when starting,they will experience about 32 turns to Soft tires, or 27 turns to Hard tires.
At the starting line, most racers opt for new Soft tires to start the race. As soon as the race started, Hamilton remained his position at the top, Verstappen found the race quite difficult, however, fortunately maintained the rank 2.