Lewis Hamilton: ‘Hot weather destroys the tires’

Becoming the primary one to end the race within the second Spanish Grand Prix test on August 14, Lewis Hamilton still continuously complained about the heat on the Catalonia racecourse.”It is difficult to play when the surface temperature is up to 50 degrees C,” Hamilton shared his viewpoint with Motorsport on August 14. “Never had I experienced such a particularlyheat in Spain like that. Usually, we only visited Barcelona in February, March, or at the most May.

The weather is good, but it’ll destroy the car. Tires of those race cars can’t stand that temperature. Overheating the tires will make the car slip easily on the track “. The fastest speech which Hamilton reached at FP2 was executed within the afternoon, with a record of 1 minute 16,883 seconds. But the simplest results for that day’s race belonged to Valtteri Bottas at FP1 within the morning, with 1 minute 16,785 seconds. The Mercedes W11 struggled under the warmth of the sun but was still nearly a second faster than the Max Verstappen.

“We did an honest test,” Hamilton added. “The FP2 went smoother on behalf of me. I feel the gap between Red Bull and Mercedes isn’t that big, within the future. the most lap are going to be interesting. i do not skills many laps Mercedes and Red Bull can run with each tire within the future. which will affect the one-pit or two-pit strategy.Supplier Pirelli used stiffer tires in comparison with the race at Silverstone last weekend. The weather outlook in Barcelona showed that the Saturday on the 15h of August would even be hotter, because the qualifying round began. But the temperature could calm down on Sunday’s main race.

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The talented Ferrari racer, Charles Leclerc became the winner of the first F1 virtual race being held on the 5th of April – the period when actually Viet Nam GP race would have been held if there were no Covid-19.

Leclerc impressively passed many other excellent outstanding players, including Alexander Albon (Red Bull), George Russell (Williams), Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) or Nicholas Latifi (Williams).

Some former F1 superstars such as Jenson Button, 

Johnny Herbert, Anthony Davidson… also took part in the race. Apart from these prestigious racers, The World Cricket Champion Been Stokes and Charles Leclerc’s younger brother – Arthur Leclerc, 19 years old, a member of the F4 racing team of Ferrari.

The virtual race lasted around 1 hour, basing on the virtual race of Albert Park (Australia). ”The race is harder than I thought,” Leclerc said. ”I was just sitting on my own chair at my home but the sweat just poured out like I was bathing. We all knew that racer who made the most flawless race would be the winner, and this one was a close race. It is obvious that all of us had to overcome the hardest time of social distancing, however, we did try our best to satisfy our fans as well as race lovers.”

Right on the first roundabout, Leclerc has passed other racers by one second. However, it has to be until the 8th roundabout did the Monaco racer who used to win 2 races of the 2019 session – become the winner of the very first F1 virtual race. Also on this race, Russel recklessly came up with a foul at the end of it and became the second runner-up. The F3 racer of Renaut, Christian Lundgaard was the first runner up of the race.