F1 racing, Eifel GP rating: Bottas put an end to Hamilton’s pole winning streak

Formula 1 continues to take place in the European region, the 11th race of the season started to take place on October 9, 2020 at the Nurburgring – Nürburg town, Rhineland-Palatinate state, a state in the west of the country. Virtue. This event was held under the name of the race as Formula 1 Aramco Grosser Preis Der Eifel 2020.
The Nurburgring is a narrow, angular track that has made grading day more difficult for Mercedes while also creating more balance between the teams.

However, in the end, with an extremely effective competition, driver Valtteri Bottas overcame his teammate’s achievements, ended Hamilton’s 6th pole winning streak and officially won the Eifel 2020 pole race.
Back to the main events, at the start of the Q1 grade race, it was cloudy but no rain, the area temperature reached 9 degrees C, the asphalt absorption temperature reached 18 degrees C, the speed The wind temperature reaches 9km / h but the humidity is up to 60%. Supplier Pirelli brings to the race 03 tires including C2 (hard tire with white border), C3 (medium tire with yellow border) and C4 tire (soft tire with red border).

Haas racing team Magnussen first appeared with C4 soft tires set to 1 minute 28 seconds 970 ‰ but was deleted by the referee’s team shortly after because of a Track Limit error (all cars overtake results will be cleared from the track) at corner 4.
In this qualifying race, most of the drivers used C4 tires, in the first run, despite running after, Red Bull’s Verstappen surpassed the performance of the Mercedes team racing duo temporarily leading. at 1 minute 26 seconds 319 ‰.