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The newbie racer Carlos Sainz of Ferrari claimed that he is in full determination to be the number one racer but not a supernumerary for his teammate Charles Leclerc.

“The contract did not have the term to force me to become the second racer. They did say that the last goal of the whole team should be placed in the first position, however, did not offer me to be the supernumerary of anyone else.”, Sainz said to the Marca.

Saiz will take place for Sebastian Vettel, the main racer of Ferrari team since the next season. Many people assume that Ferrari took on Sainz to support Charles Leclerc – the young racer who had greatly showed off its ability as well as potential in the previous season.

“What I know is that I need to try my best and donate all of my time for Ferrari, and I will do everything to win. I do not pay attention to the color of the car. I behave almost the same way to all racers, we are competitors and have to compete with others. If something wrong happen, I will come up with the right decision. Do not worry.”, Sainz said.

In 2019, Sainz reached a new goal in his racing career after being ranked the third in the Grand Prix Brazil race. This is the first time this Spanish racer was on the top 3 in a F1 race.

When being asked if this title would decide whether he can sign a contract with Ferrari, Sainz replied: “There are a lot of factors. However, being on the top 3 of such an intense race in which I had to start at the last minute has made a huge impression on them. However, I thought that some years of competing for Toro Rosso or Renault offered me a lot of values. When an A-level racer like Ferrari wants to sign a contract with you, it means that they had to analyzed lots of factors.”, Sainz shared.

Racing sports


The leader of team McLaren Andreas Seidl and President Zak Brown turned down the possibility of signing contract with Sebastian Vettel.

“Sebastian has never been a choice for us. We have neither negotiated about any Vettel issues nor offered a contract for him”, the leader McLaren Andreas Seidl shared his point with Sky Sports in the recent 15th, May.

Seidl has a really close bond with Vettel, partly because both of them are German. In the 12th, May, Ferrari announced that they will have to say goodbye to Vettel at the last of the season. This Italy racing team announced that Carlos Sainz – a racer who is at this present belonging to McLaren – will make replacement for Vettel.

In terms of Viettel, he has never revealed about his personal plan. However, according to the judgements of some experts, this racers who has successfully won the worldwide championship 4 times can impermanently say goodbye to F1 as having no suitable goals as well as destinations.

“It is obvious that Vettel is such an amazing racers who made the championship come true 4 times in F1. However, we can not see any mutual goals between 2 sides. McLaren has spared his attention to other racers such as Daniel Ricciardo or Carlos Sainz and we have never made any negotiation with other racers apart from them. We have been taken aback to hear the news that Vettel had left Ferrari, however, at this time, the chance that he will be together with McLaren is quite slim.” The chief executive McLaran Zak Brown said during an interview with Sky Sports.

Brown claimed that it has not only been Vettel but also Ricciardo who are aimed as the target racers for McLaren in some upcoming years. Along with the event that the Australia racer is going to sign another contract with Renault, McLaren is standing a big chance. “We has been spotted Daniel for years, however missed him in the first effort. We will remember Carlos – the one who finished all the jobs well-done. 

Racing sports


On the Daytona 500 event taking place on the 18th, February, racer Ryan Newman (42 years old, American) ended up the race with an unexpectedly awful accident. Luckily, after then, he made a really quick recovery. 

The accident took place in the last race and Newman was the first leading racer. Just in a flash of surprise, Ryan Blaney’s racing car, behind the car of Newman hit his car hardly. 

The video recorded showed that both of the cars just closely passed each other. However, the speed of each other was up to 321 km per hour, which made the car of Newman lost control and crashed into the protection wall. After then, the car continued to crash into another car and slid a really long distance on the racing course. The friction caused by the car with the surface of the road burnt Newman’s car in the fire.

Immediately, the rescue team came to the scene to put off the fire and pull Newman out of the unlucky racing car. The racer after then was taken to the hospital by the emergency ambulance. 

Unfortunately came up with this awful accident, however, Newman successfully made a really quick recovery. On the 19th of February, the racing team that Newman is taking part in as a member, which is Roush Fenway announced that he had come around and could make conversation with doctors as well as his family. 

 “Ryan and his family wanted to send their sincere thanks to many best wishes of Newman’s fans from the bottom of their heats all across America.” Roush Fenway added. 

According to the analysis of WYRK, that NASCAR made a timely decision to apply more air pads inside these racing cars has decreased the pressure being created in accidents and help Ryan Newman safely stay away from bad injury condition.

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To streamer Jimmy Broadbent, surpassing Lando Norris – a member of McLaren team – on the virtual race Bahrain Grand Prix is a “dream to be true”.

Since the end of March, F1 tournament has been organizing weekly virtual races to somehow meet the demands of racing fans while many real life races have been cancelled because of pandemic Covid-19. The eSports Virtual Grand Prix tournament takes place in the 2019 F1 tournament game with the participation of many professional racers, such as Charles Leclerc (Ferrari team), Alexander Albon (Red Bull Racing Honda team), George Russell ( ROKiT Williams Racing team)…  

With many essential equipment being installedd in the private house in England,

Jimmy Broadbent won the 4th rank on the Bahrain Grand Prix race, after defeating Lando Norris (McLaren team) on the last round. “It was unbelievable. Last week, I watched Norris on TV, and 1 week later, I had the chance to compete him on a race.”, he shared.

The 28-year-old streamer has taken full advantage of this chance, 2 times being into top 10 most outstanding racers, far surpassed both Norris and former worldwide champion Jenson Button in regarding of liking on the Twitch game. “The most interesting thing is that we have tried our best to offer the most fantastic races to our fans.” Broadent said. “Cars might be virtual, however, the competition has always been true.”

Throughout the Covid-19 quarantine time, many streamers such as Broadbent have become more famous on the sports field. Thanks to the usual participation of renowned professional racers, these virtual race have been more appealing than ever, especially to worldwide speed lovers.

“The pandemic made many virtual racers become true.”, Steven Steffens, one of the experienced virtual racer from South Caroline (America) said. “We had never dreamt of being in competition with professional racers one day, on a virtual race during weekend like that.”

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Many F1 racers, E (FE) racers, NASCAR racers, .. will have new experiences on racing when they will have chance to take part in virtual races as most of races are now postponed due to the wide spread of Covid-19.

Since the end of this week, racing fans who are fond of electrical cars on the FE tournament will be fully satisfied to witness 12 racing teams with 24 racers being in competition on the virtual race on the platform of the online game rFactor 2. Until now, there have been numerous racers who confirmed to take part in this race including Lucas di Grassi and Daniel Abt of Audi, Alexander Sims and Maximilian Guenther of BMW, Stoffel Vandoorne of Mercedes, Mitch Evans of Jaguar… All the money gained from organizing and streaming the tournament will be donated to the worldwide fund to help the world overcome Covid-19 hard effects through UNICEF.

According to the plan, the viral FE tournament will take place during 9 weeks. The Formula E racers will take part in the tournament online thanks to the virtual Playseat racing system. After each group racing stage taking place, the racer who is at the bottom of the race will be expelled from the tournament. 10 most outstanding and impressive racers who make it to the final will take part in the pointing round according to official FIA’s rules for FE tournament. The final race will take place in the 13th, June.

FE is actually not the one and only well-known race which has been taking place virtual at this moment. Due to the dangerous effects of Covid-19, there have been many other large-scale tournaments have the some solutions of holding virtual races, even the famous F1 tournament.