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F1 racing adds 4 new races to the 2020 season

On August 25, the organizers of Formula 1 Racing (F1) annouced that they had added four more races in Turkey, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this season.

According to the announcement, 2020 marked the return of the Turkish Grand Prix at the track in Istanbul Park after a 9-year hiatus. Specifically, the Turkish Grand Prix will take place on the 15th of November, followed by two races in Bahrain – including the Bahraini Grand Prix on November 26 and the Grand Prix Sakhir on November 6. The season will end with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race in the UAE, which was scheduled to take place on December 13.
However, the race in Shanghai city (China) will be canceled instead of rescheduling as being previously decided.
Thus, this year’s F1 season will have a total of 17 races.
According to the organizers of the F1 tournament, due to the influence of the dangerous respiratory inflammatory disease COVID-19, the races will limit the audience.
Last month, F1 organizers canceled races in the US, Mexico, Brazil and Canada, but opened three more races in Europe including Portimao (Portugal), Nurburgring (Germany) and Imola (Italy).
Like many other sporting events, due to the COVID-19 translation, the F1 race was postponed just a few hours before the start of the race in Melbourne (Australia) in March. This is the opening race of the competition season this year. However, in July, F1 started two races in Austria and then in Hungary, all being held behind the closed doors without the appearance of spectators.

F1 racing


Some races such as Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan have been crossed out of the competing schedule of 2020, according to the latest annoucement of F1 on the 12th, June.

” Because of the huge impact of Covid-19, we and other organizors decided to cancel the Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan races. On some street races like Azerbaijan and Singapore, constructing and setting up the racecourse in the middle of the outbreak of the pandemic are impossible. While Japan is still executing the isolation policy, hence, decided not to held any races, this was written on the recent annoucement.

Therefore, 7 out of 22 races have been cancelled in this tournament. Apart from 3 above races, there have been Australia, Netherlands, Monaco and French.

6 races have been scheduled in this period from the 5th, July to the 6th, September which are Austria, Hungary, England, Spain, Belgium and Italy. Among all of them, Austria and England races will include 2 races.

Viet Nam is included in the group of other 9 left nations which are waiting for the final annoucement of F1 to release an alternative racing schedule, together with Bahrain, China, Canada, Russia, America, Mexico, Brazil and UAE. F1 will release the detailed information about these race before the tournament is kicked off on the 5th, July. The annoucement also revealed that: “We are trying to make progess in arranging the alternative plan for all of the races which are cancelled due to Covid-19. We are pleased to see all of the efforts of helding races of other organizers. The situation of the pandemic is still happening really hard-to-predict and not yet to be under control, therefore, every action needs to be done carefully. We had set up certain plans to organize these races as safe as possible.”

On the 11th of June, the manager of F1 Ross Brawn revealed that Bahrain and UAE will be the last races of this 2020 tournament.

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Many F1 racers, E (FE) racers, NASCAR racers, .. will have new experiences on racing when they will have chance to take part in virtual races as most of races are now postponed due to the wide spread of Covid-19.

Since the end of this week, racing fans who are fond of electrical cars on the FE tournament will be fully satisfied to witness 12 racing teams with 24 racers being in competition on the virtual race on the platform of the online game rFactor 2. Until now, there have been numerous racers who confirmed to take part in this race including Lucas di Grassi and Daniel Abt of Audi, Alexander Sims and Maximilian Guenther of BMW, Stoffel Vandoorne of Mercedes, Mitch Evans of Jaguar… All the money gained from organizing and streaming the tournament will be donated to the worldwide fund to help the world overcome Covid-19 hard effects through UNICEF.

According to the plan, the viral FE tournament will take place during 9 weeks. The Formula E racers will take part in the tournament online thanks to the virtual Playseat racing system. After each group racing stage taking place, the racer who is at the bottom of the race will be expelled from the tournament. 10 most outstanding and impressive racers who make it to the final will take part in the pointing round according to official FIA’s rules for FE tournament. The final race will take place in the 13th, June.

FE is actually not the one and only well-known race which has been taking place virtual at this moment. Due to the dangerous effects of Covid-19, there have been many other large-scale tournaments have the some solutions of holding virtual races, even the famous F1 tournament.