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Hamilton is about to be knighted

Driver Lewis Hamilton is set to be honored with the title of honor for his contributions to British sports.
Last week, the Daily Mail said that Hamilton was one of those considered by the Royal Royal Family to consider filling out the list of knighthood at the 2021 New Year’s Eve celebration. tell Hamilton to be honored.
Before Hamilton, athlete Mo Farah, tennis player Andy Murray and cricketer Alastair Cook were knighted for their contributions to England in sports.

Hamilton is considered worthy of the title of Knight, thanks to the glory he won in F1. Victory at the Turkish Grand Prix on November 15 helped the 35-year-old racer level the record of winning seven F1 championships by legendary Michael Schumacher.
He also holds the record for winning the most legs (94) and winning many times in the first division stage (97). Hamilton’s dominance at F1 over the past decade has been tied to the pinnacle of the Mercedes racing team.
However, Hamilton’s contribution to England was controversial, mainly in terms of tax payments. This racer has an estimated net worth of over $ 334 million, but lives in Monaco. In 2013, Hamilton bought a private jet and registered it for use on the Isle of Man. This saved him $ 4.4 million in taxes, but was criticized by the British. In 2019, Hamilton sold this jet.
How great was Lewis Hamilton in F1
Victory at Istanbul Park on November 15 helped Lewis Hamilton reach the final grand record of Michael Schumacher.