F1 racing


The racer Daniel Ricciardo encourages people to speak out loud about racism, which has become more serious recently.

“I have learned and gain a lot of interesting knowledge during recent weeks. I have read, watched, and opened my mind. It came to my mind that if you are not, and do not consider yourself as a racist, this is totally not enough. You have to speak it out loud with the viewing to educating yourself and the people around you. As I was taught that silence is also part of the problem which has been arisen recently.”, Ricciardo said to Sky Sports.

After the death of the American black man George Floyd, Ricciardo is one of F1 racers who posted most on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement. He criticizes racists and and provoke the struggle against racists of black men in American.

“I has watched several videos on Twitter or Instagram and felt that I had no clue of what have been happening, whether they were illegal or not? Not only just during a few weeks, months, but these racism issues have been taking place for years. It is better to think that these are unfolded. More and more people are giving it attention. I know that speaking it all out loud is good and you will not be judged through words of mouth.”, Ricciardo said.

Last week, the F1 champion F1 Lewis Hamilton took part in a protest within the Black Lives Matter Movement. Hamilton is the first and also the only black racer throughout F1 history. He was also the first one to speak things out loud and criticize the silence of the F1 community to the death of Floyd.