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The newbie racer Carlos Sainz of Ferrari claimed that he is in full determination to be the number one racer but not a supernumerary for his teammate Charles Leclerc.

“The contract did not have the term to force me to become the second racer. They did say that the last goal of the whole team should be placed in the first position, however, did not offer me to be the supernumerary of anyone else.”, Sainz said to the Marca.

Saiz will take place for Sebastian Vettel, the main racer of Ferrari team since the next season. Many people assume that Ferrari took on Sainz to support Charles Leclerc – the young racer who had greatly showed off its ability as well as potential in the previous season.

“What I know is that I need to try my best and donate all of my time for Ferrari, and I will do everything to win. I do not pay attention to the color of the car. I behave almost the same way to all racers, we are competitors and have to compete with others. If something wrong happen, I will come up with the right decision. Do not worry.”, Sainz said.

In 2019, Sainz reached a new goal in his racing career after being ranked the third in the Grand Prix Brazil race. This is the first time this Spanish racer was on the top 3 in a F1 race.

When being asked if this title would decide whether he can sign a contract with Ferrari, Sainz replied: “There are a lot of factors. However, being on the top 3 of such an intense race in which I had to start at the last minute has made a huge impression on them. However, I thought that some years of competing for Toro Rosso or Renault offered me a lot of values. When an A-level racer like Ferrari wants to sign a contract with you, it means that they had to analyzed lots of factors.”, Sainz shared.