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Toro Rosso proposed changing the name of the racing team next season and was approved in a meeting between F1 racing teams and the parties. Related recent took place in Paris.

Toro Rosso will carry the Alpha Tauri name from 2020

The team known as Red Bull’s “B team” has been in the F1 racing village since 2006, after being acquired by the company to wrestle at the end of the race, Minardi.

The deal ended the 21-year history of the Italian team in F1, but the old headquarters in Faenza has been used by Scuderia Toro Rosso ever since. And after 15 years, the name Toro Rosso will “disappear” by the end of 2019 and instead is a completely new name Scuderia Alpha Tauri.

There will be no more Toro Rosso by 2020

The F1 Council and the racing teams had an online vote right before the race in Suzuka, Japan, and the results approved this change. Alpha Tauri is the emerging brand of Red Bull, and it will be promoted worldwide from next season, accompanied by an F1 racing team.

This is a rare case of change in the case that the owner of the race remains the same and completely changes the name. Usually teams only adjust their names every year depending on their main sponsors.

Last Wednesday in Paris, a meeting of F1 racing teams and stakeholders was held to continue to discuss changes in standards from next 2021. One of the noteworthy proposals was the testing of the short-race race on Saturday to determine the location for the main race on Sunday afternoon.

It is expected that this change will require absolute unification of all racing teams and, if approved, will have 3 races in 2020 to test this model.

At the present time, there are some racing teams who disagree with this idea, as Mercedes thinks that cars in the back will be difficult to rise forward.

According to the teams’ simulations, if all were to run on one type of tire, set up the car for the main race, and the front car was equally strong or only slightly slower, it would be difficult for the rear vehicle to attack. and overcome. If the vote does not yield absolute consensus, then the norm may change in 2021 without this.