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The leader of team McLaren Andreas Seidl and President Zak Brown turned down the possibility of signing contract with Sebastian Vettel.

“Sebastian has never been a choice for us. We have neither negotiated about any Vettel issues nor offered a contract for him”, the leader McLaren Andreas Seidl shared his point with Sky Sports in the recent 15th, May.

Seidl has a really close bond with Vettel, partly because both of them are German. In the 12th, May, Ferrari announced that they will have to say goodbye to Vettel at the last of the season. This Italy racing team announced that Carlos Sainz – a racer who is at this present belonging to McLaren – will make replacement for Vettel.

In terms of Viettel, he has never revealed about his personal plan. However, according to the judgements of some experts, this racers who has successfully won the worldwide championship 4 times can impermanently say goodbye to F1 as having no suitable goals as well as destinations.

“It is obvious that Vettel is such an amazing racers who made the championship come true 4 times in F1. However, we can not see any mutual goals between 2 sides. McLaren has spared his attention to other racers such as Daniel Ricciardo or Carlos Sainz and we have never made any negotiation with other racers apart from them. We have been taken aback to hear the news that Vettel had left Ferrari, however, at this time, the chance that he will be together with McLaren is quite slim.” The chief executive McLaran Zak Brown said during an interview with Sky Sports.

Brown claimed that it has not only been Vettel but also Ricciardo who are aimed as the target racers for McLaren in some upcoming years. Along with the event that the Australia racer is going to sign another contract with Renault, McLaren is standing a big chance. “We has been spotted Daniel for years, however missed him in the first effort. We will remember Carlos – the one who finished all the jobs well-done.