F1 racing


Throughout the history, F1 has undergone many changes and finally become the most viral and prestigious race of the world.

F1 has the full name of The Formula One 1. However, there are just a few people who know exactly what ”formula” means and how this ”formula” has been created and changed throughout different stages.

“Formula” in the full name “Formula 1” (F1) is the terminology to indicate a group of rules being applied to races throughout the tournaments, which requires all racers to follow up. The major changes in the ”formula” through different stages have been a key factor to make F1 become more interesting and appealing to a wide range of racing lovers year after year.

Enhancing the scale of the races, upgrading the races with more race styles.

The Formula 1 actually origins from the Grand Prix motor racing tournament in Europe during these years from 1930 to 1930. However, it had to be until 1946 did the group of rules in this race was officially recognized by The International Automobile Federation (FIA). Thus, the actual official races were held first time in 1950.

Europe is where F1 originated from However, the ultimate passion that speed lovers have for races quickly spreads quickly to South America, North America and then even Asia. The significant development of F1 all around the world has turned it into the top 1 racing tournament, where every professional racer thrives for taking part in.

In Asia, specifically in some countries such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, some F1 races were firstly hold in 2008, attracted a lot of racers and spectators. The Arab Emirates preliminarily organized and hosted the Formula 1 tournament in 2009. Viet Nam is the next country that kicked off the Formula 1 races in their own nation in 2020.