5 crazy predictions about the F1 racing tournament in 2020 (Part 2)

The championship in 2020 is determined only at the last race

Ferrari’s improved competitiveness, combined with stability, will really cause Mercedes and defending champion Lewis Hamilton.

The German team is heading towards an unprecedented record – seven consecutive championships and Hamilton is determined to reach the milestone of Michael Schumacher’s seven individual titles.

Steering wheel # 44 is in good shape, but you need to be wary of the rise of Leclerc, who is more mature after a year at Ferrari, and can’t help but mention Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

Honda is no longer in the position of the “underdog” plus the Red Bull has always been strong over the years as a ‘scary’ combination for the coming 2020.

Verstappen will have a better record in 2019, meaning he will at least win at 4 races and we will witness the trio race for the individual championship. And everything can only be solved under fanciful lights in Abu Dhabi, the first time since 2016.

At least 2 new faces will appear on the podium

Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly, who became the 210th and 211th drivers in F1 history, have the honor of stepping up to the podium, after impressive achievements at Brazilian GP 2019. It is likely that this list will continue to be extended in next year.

One of them must be Alexander Albon, who won the 2019 Rookie title at the FIA ​​awards ceremony. Albon’s speed and determination have already been recognized, but he still needs to get his Red Bull into the top 3 and win podium – a mission at his fingertips.

Meanwhile, McLaren Lando Norris’s rookie also left many positive impressions in the 2019 campaign and contributed significantly to the success of the team. McLaren is also very determined to compete for podium next season, and if it does, Norris absolutely deserves the first step to the podium in the second year in F1.

Another noteworthy face is that Esteban Ocon’s return at Renault is also capable of setting a miracle. The French racing team was unlucky in a 2019 with many surprises from Toro Rosso or McLaren. Surely they will be determined to get the first podium after 9 years with a combination of Ricciardo and Ocon.