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Maintenance Classes

Ever wanted to know how all the different parts of your bike work, what grease to use where and how to make it all run just that little bit smoother? Our maintenance classes provide you with the knowledge to get the best from your bike. We’ve broken the mystery of bike mechanics down into bitesize chunks – 2  hour sessions, mostly concentrated on one particular part of your bike. Our instructor running the course is a qualified bike mechanic with a vast knowledge of bikes and cycling.

We are offering 6 weeks of Basic Gears maintenance training – This is completely FREE!

the classes will begin on Thursday 19th of January 2017, there will be a new course every 6 weeks.

Spaces are limited so please call to book on 01343 549571


It is recommended you take your own bike along, so that you can learn how to fix that specific bike, but we can provide a bike for you to work on if that is more convenient.

Our classes take place at our base in Lossiemouth – it can be quite cold as it’s an old industrial unit, so wrap yourself up to keep warm. Light refreshments will be available throughout the course.

Essential Skills

This class is aimed at beginners and will teach you the essential skills to bike maintenance including the parts of a bike, how to carry out a safety check and fixing punctures and chains.

This class includes:
Parts of the bike
Taking off/ putting on wheels
Puncture repairs
Breaking and fixing chains

Basic Brakes

We’ll teach you how to sort out rubbing and squeaks and how to replace brake pads.

The class includes:
The different types of brakes
Sorting out rubbing
Stopping squeaks
Changing brake pads

Basic Gears

Master the dark art of gear indexing – adjusting your cables for sweet, smooth shifting.

This class includes:
The different types of shifters and shifting
Cassettes and cranksets
Breaking and fixing chains
Indexing gears

Advanced Brakes

Learn to service your brakes, replace cables and brake pads and how to bleed hydraulic brakes.

This class includes:
Servicing brakes
Changing brake cables
Replacing brake pads
Bleeding hydraulic brakes

Advanced Gears

Gain the skills to replace chains and cassettes, replace cables and how to set up derailleurs.

This class includes:
Replacing a chain
Replacing a cassette
Changing gear cables
Setting up derailleurs

Get Your Head Around Headsets

Learn to identify a worn headset and how to service and adjust your headset.

This class includes:
The different types of headset
Identifying a worn headset
Servicing a headset
Adjusting a headset

Brush up on Bottom Brackets

We’ll teach you how to remove cranks and how to service and replace your bottom bracket.

This class includes:
The different types of bottom brackets
How to remove and replace cranks
Servicing a bottom bracket
Replacing a bottom bracket

Become Wise With Wheels

Master servicing and adjusting hubs, replacing spokes and dishing and truing your wheels.

This class includes:
Servicing hubs
Replacing spokes
Dishing a wheel
Truing a wheel

You will come away armed with all the skills needed to perform some very complex tasks plus loads of valuable advice. Give us a call on 01343 549 571 to book a private maintenance class for your group, or for more information.

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